Use Your Turn Signal !

Comment: It seems little is known by the average American driver about safe efficient courteous and common sense proper driving.

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World driving statistics

Federal motor vehicle safety standards and regulations

National highway traffic safety administration

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Helpful Driving Tips 

Never use your cruise control in the rain or snow. 

Top 20 tips for smooth sailing on the road  


Take the National Driving Test here.

Many states have laws requiring you to turn on headlights when using your windshield wipers.






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Good Questions 

1) Why do they build roads with the sewer lids placed right in the driving lanes where your wheels drive over?


2) Why don't people use their turn signals? 


3) Why is proper driving not a priority in this country? 


4) Why is there a deer crossing sign and no END-deer crossing sign? 


5) What is the philosophy behind road re-construction?



If You Didn't Know

When approaching an intersection: Try to enter the correct lane for your intended action well in advance of reaching an intersection. And be sure to signal before changing lanes. 




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Proper Driving Laws and Information

Where is everybody going?

What is the primary reason we drive automobiles?
To get from one place to another of course.

With America's immense network of super highways and sophisticated traffic controls, you'd think we could get to our destinations more efficiently, quicker, and safer. But the major reason behind the terrible traffic jams, fatalities and frustrations are due to the person behind the wheel. We Americans need to travel. We need to get there in a reasonable time. We need to get there alive. So why not learn the proper way to drive, and improve the quality of all our lives.

Now we don't mean to say you're all ignorant, but let's see how much you know about these.

Yes, this is the Turn signal arm.Turn Signals?

That little stick, hanging out of the left side of the steering column? Do you know what it's there for?
It just so happens to be there so you can signal other drivers just where the heck you're going. Proper driving practice is using your turn signal for everything like turning left or turning right or changing lanes etc. Use your turn signal. It comes standard on all vehicles. Duh, come on use your brain, signal every time that you're going to change your direction of travel. But do it right! ...turn it on before touching your brakes when turning. 

If you ever wondered, This is a YEILD sign.YIELD?

If you can read English you'll see that this sign says YIELD. You should also realize that it does not say STOP or GIMMEE A BREAK. It means that the drivers that do not have this sign have the right of way and you must let them go first and YIELD to them. You know, YIELD? Look it up. Freeway drivers: Do not slow down for people who are entering the highway to give them a break. They have a yield sign (duh, see above). You endanger all drivers behind you when you slow down to give someone a break.  Don't kill anyone.


And I thought they were just using up the extra paint.Solid White Lines Near Intersections?

Why are there solid white lines marking the lanes approaching intersections?
The lines are telling you cannot change lanes anymore until you get through to the other side of the intersection. Know where you're going. If you got in the wrong lane, oh well, bad move. Just go across and turn around somewhere safely without holding up my commute or endangering anyone with any wild lane changing maneuvers. Don't be a jerk! Learn the laws. Drive properly.


Stop Before the Thick White Line!Thick White Line at Intersection?

I wonder if everyone knows what that thick white solid line means at a traffic light?
Well when the light is red, your front bumper is not supposed to go past it (not your front tires) until the light turns green. One of these days I'm going to just chunk off the front corner of someone's car who has just blocked the intersection because their light turned red again. If you go past the line and the light turns red, GO, please go, get out of the way. Traffic is supposed to flow.


Geeze!, Can You Give Me a Break?Want To Give Someone a Break?

It sure is sweet of you to give someone a break, like letting them out of a driveway or something or on to the highway.
But do not hold up people behind you while you're doing it. You think you're being nice? I bet everyone behind you is wishing they could push you off in the ravine and out of the way. You're holding up traffic doing this. Traffic is supposed to flow.

Don't Blind Me With Your BrightsUsing Your Bright Lights? (High Beams)

When should you use your bright lights? Well first of all, it should be at night when it's dark. duh.
Use only when there are no other cars around. Getting hit in the eyes with someone's high beams kind of hurts and really impairs your night vision. Remember this rule: If you can see another car's lights anywhere, (their front, side or back lights) turn your high beams off. Don't scorch retinas. We need them to drive.


oh oh, it's the police!Rear View Mirror?

And not a vanity mirror for putting on makeup or checking for spinach in your teeth. Drivers should look in it every few seconds to see what's going on behind and around you. Very important. Use your rear view mirror! It has a driving purpose!

It's Green. GO!Waiting to Turn Left Under a Green Light?

Yes, do pull up into the intersection so when the light starts to turn red again you can then turn left. Yes, even after it turns red, turn! I think some idiots would just sit there at the white line all day, light after light. You know what I mean?



Pull to the right for lights and sirens! 



These are just a few examples of what some people have no clue about. Honestly I believe some drivers do know the laws of the road and what proper efficient driving is. Usually, once we all get our drivers licenses at about the age of 16 we never review the state driving laws ever again. We didn't all get 100% passing grades on driving exams in the first place either so you might have forgotten some of the little details of proper driving. Let's all try to refresh our memories of the driving laws and realize the logic behind them. We will also point out what other conditions effect safe and efficient travel by automobile in this country.